Oxytocin which additionally goes by the name Oxy is a neuropeptide and peptide hormone. It has a significant duty when it involves sexual reproduction in ladies and males, social bonding, pro-social behaviors.



This item is intended for study and also clinical functions only, to be only used by experienced experts.

Oxytocin is made in the hypothalamus and also is also connected with the control of lactation as well as parturition [1] Oxytocin is generated within the mind as well as from a number of other cells, consisting of the as well as likewise ovaries.

Synthetic Human Oxytocin is a solitary, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain having 9 amino acids in addition to having a molecular mass of 1,007.2 Da. Oxytocin differs from the antidiuretic hormone representative in 2 of the 9 amino acids.

Both hormone agents are packaged right into granules as well as generated in addition to company healthy proteins called neurophysins. Human Oxytocin indirectly advertises uterine smooth contraction as well as promotes the mammary glands to improve lactation without increasing the manufacturing of milk.

The pituitary glands in mammals produce oxytocin, a naturally occurring hormone. A lot of people refer to it as the “love hormone” because it’s linked to positive emotions. Buy Oxytocin direct

What is Oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that acts upon organs in the body (consisting of the breast as well as womb) and as a chemical messenger in the brain, regulating vital elements of the reproductive system, including childbirth and also lactation, as well as aspects of human behavior.

Alternate names for oxytocin

Alpha-hypophamine; made versions– syntocinon and also pitocin (both synthetic oxytocin); carbetocin (an analogue of oxytocin with similar structure).

What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and also is secreted into the bloodstream by the posterior pituitary gland. When these cells are delighted, secretion depends on electric task of neurons in the hypothalamus– it is released into the blood.

Both primary actions of oxytocin in the body are contraction of the womb (uterus) throughout giving birth and lactation. Oxytocin stimulates the uterine muscles to contract as well as likewise boosts manufacturing of prostaglandins, which raise the contractions further. Manufactured oxytocin is occasionally given to induce labour if it has actually not begun normally or it can be utilized to enhance contractions to aid giving birth. On top of that, manufactured oxytocin is typically offered to speed up distribution of the placenta as well as lower the threat of hefty bleeding by getting the uterus. Throughout breastfeeding, oxytocin advertises the activity of milk with the ducts in the breast, enabling it to be secreted by the nipple. Oxytocin is likewise existing in guys, playing a role in sperm transportation as well as production of testosterone by the testes.

In the brain, oxytocin functions as a chemical messenger as well as has a crucial duty in many human behaviors.


Oxytocin is a hormone that acts upon organs in the body (including the breast as well as uterus) and as a chemical messenger in the brain, controlling crucial aspects of the reproductive system, consisting of giving birth and also lactation, and facets of human practices.

Alternative names for oxytocin.

Alpha-hypophamine; made versions– syntocinon and also pitocin (both synthetic oxytocin); carbetocin (an analogue of oxytocin with comparable framework).

What is oxytocin?

Oxytocin is created in the hypothalamus and is produced right into the bloodstream by the posterior pituitary gland. Secretion relies on electric task of neurons in the hypothalamus– it is released right into the blood when these cells are thrilled.

The two main activities of oxytocin in the body are contraction of the womb (womb) during childbirth and also lactation. Oxytocin stimulates the uterine muscles to agreement as well as also increases manufacturing of prostaglandins, which boost the tightenings additionally. Produced oxytocin is in some cases offered to induce work if it has actually not started naturally or it can be utilized to strengthen contractions to aid childbirth. On top of that, made oxytocin is commonly offered to quicken shipment of the placenta as well as lower the threat of hefty bleeding by getting the uterus. Throughout breastfeeding, oxytocin advertises the motion of milk via the ducts in the breast, permitting it to be eliminated by the nipple area. Oxytocin is likewise existing in guys, contributing in sperm transportation and production of testosterone by the testes.

In the brain, oxytocin functions as a chemical carrier and has an essential duty in lots of human practices consisting of sexual arousal, acknowledgment, trust, charming add-on and mother– infant bonding. As a result, oxytocin has been called the ‘love hormone’ or ‘cuddle chemical’.

The effect of oxytocin on the brain is complicated. Existing study is concentrated on analyzing the function of oxytocin in various disorders consisting of dependency, anxiety, post-traumatic tension, anxiousness as well as anorexia nervosa. 

While antidepressants are the most frequently prescribed drug for social anxiety disorder, new study indicates that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is more effective and, unlike medication, may have long-lasting effects. 

How is oxytocin managed?

Oxytocin production and secretion is managed by a favorable feedback system where launch of the hormone creates an activity that stimulates even more of its own release. When contraction of the womb begins throughout giving birth, oxytocin is released.

There is additionally a favorable feedback involved in the milk-ejection response. Stimulation of the nipple area during breastfeeding causes enhanced oxytocin production and also secretion right into the blood, which then causes milk to be let down into the breast. The positive feedback cycle is maintained up until the infant quits suckling. The production of oxytocin during childbirth is also self-limiting; launch of the hormone is quit as soon as the infant is supplied.

What takes place if I have excessive oxytocin?

Presently, the ramifications of having way too much oxytocin are not clear. High degrees have been linked to benign prostatic hyperplasia, a problem which impacts the prostate in over half of men over the age of 60. This might cause difficulty in passing urine.

It might be possible to treat this condition by adjusting oxytocin levels; nonetheless, even more research is required before any kind of feasible treatments are offered.

What takes place if I have too little oxytocin?

It is not completely recognized at present if there are any ramifications of having too little oxytocin in the body. An absence of oxytocin in a nursing mother would protect against the milk-ejection reflex and also stop breastfeeding.

Reduced oxytocin levels have actually been linked to autism and also autistic spectrum disorders (e.g. Asperger disorder)– a crucial element of these conditions being poor social performance. Some researchers think oxytocin could be made use of to treat these problems. On top of that, reduced oxytocin has been connected to depressive signs and symptoms and it has actually been recommended as a therapy for depressive disorders. There is not adequate proof at existing to sustain its use for any of these problems.

Is oxytocin a sleep aid for you? A 2003 study in the journal Regulatory Peptides found that the release of oxytocin in the brain under stress-free conditions promotes sleep. Because oxytocin counteracts the effects of cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone,” Ellison believes this link makes sense. She described it as having a calming effect. Buy Oxytocin direct

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Escape Aging

Escape Aging

What if you can escape the inescapability of time and just enjoy the pleasure of looking young? Quite difficult? Definitely not. Looking youthful and chirpy is just a matter of giving extra care for yourself and emphasizing your features, surely bringing out the best of what you got. So start defying your age now with some easy steps.

What is the source of oestrogen in women? Estrogen is primarily produced by the woman’s ovaries, which are responsible for the production of her eggs. Small amounts of this hormone are produced by your adrenal glands, which are located at the top of each kidney, as well as fat tissue. All over your body, oestrogen has a direct effect on your hormone levels. Buy Oxytocin direct

Stopping smoking

As early as 1800’s, it was already observed that smoking has detrimental effects on the skin. Two centuries later, people became more aware of this because these effects are evident among chronic smokers. Some of these consequences include premature lines and folds stemming from the corner of the eyes to the zygomatic area (in the aging process, wrinkles are a natural element , but smoking speeds this up); dry and leathery appearance of the skin; grey-pallor complexion; a haggard appearance; and some more.

These changes are brought about by the processes that a cigar’s ingredients bring about to the body. Nicotine, a vasoconstrictor (one that constricts the blood vessels), inhibit the smooth and easy flow of oxygen and nutrients to their destination. Nicotine also causes a diuretic effect on the body which causes a reduction of the skin’s moisture level, hereby making it tough and dry.

Carbon monoxide, a harmful component produced by smoking, has higher affinity to blood cells than oxygen. That means it reduces the amount of oxygen to many areas.

Smoking also contains a large number of free radicals that attack healthy cells and damage normal tissues.

Smoking reduces Vitamin A and collagen in the body. Vitamin A is used in the repairing function of the body. Collagen, on the other hand, is a protein that produces new and healthy skin.

Proper posture

Sitting up straight and putting shoulders back are very important for your health and appearance. A good posture can make you look slimmer, taller, and confident. Many regard people with correct posture as young, happy, and at ease with their disposition. A good posture can even give you an instant weight loss of

10 pounds in the eyes of others. Its benefits, by the way, are not just for the outside.

A correct posture primarily puts muscles, joints, bones, and your organs to where they are supposed to sit. It reduces the risk of having back and neck problems, arthritis, and other pains. A proper one too can help prevent the spine from becoming abnormally fixed which can lead to fatigue, headaches, and some problems with organs and functioning. With a proper posture, one can also experience less strain because one wouldn’t overuse his muscles.

Stretching hourly and practicing the proper posture every hour can help strengthen the muscles that will be needed to hold the body erect.

Having sex at least three times a week

A 10-year study indicated that couples who are in their 40’s who have sex at least three times a week look younger than those who enjoy it less often. The study even indicated that the faces of these couple have less lines and wrinkles, and have smoother and suppler skin. They credited this to the wonders of Oxytocin. It is a hormone released during sex that reduces stress. Having sex at nighttime is helpful, too!

It helps you to have a tight sleep so body is more rested. So, what are you planning to do now? Go ahead and feel young.

Mistakes Men Make In Relationships Women Make Them Too

Mistakes Men Make In Relationships Women Make Them Too

When reading articles or books on relationships, women tend to come out smelling of roses. Is that because they are better at being lovers? Or is it because more of these types of books are written by women?

Men and women make mistakes in relationships. We are human beings and that means that we often do not get everything completely right. We may not mean to hurt people but either from lack of thought or consideration we do.

When you are part of a couple, you need to have a little patience with your other half. They are not mind readers. They cannot be expected to know what to do or say if you don’t give them a few hints. They have their own issues and may be preoccupied with something important. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you anymore or find you less attractive.

On the other hand if your partner lies, cheats or fails to keep his/her word, this is a problem. This shows a lack of respect for you as a person and for your partnership. You need to make sure that they know that this is not acceptable behavior and you will not tolerate it.

Women can often be insecure and lack confidence. As can men. These issues while affecting the individual also affect the couple. It is not your partners’ role to make you have more confidence. Sure they should believe in you and show you how they feel but at the end of the day, you and only you can build up your self worth.

Try surprising your partner – buy her flowers when it isn’t a special occasion. Cook him a meal because you want to not for any other reason. Spontaneous gestures of affection go a long way to building a harmonious household.

Is oxytocin good for pain relief? The cannabinoid receptors in oxytocin are also activated, which is known to alleviate pain, as well as induce a sense of calm and reduce stress and anxiety. Buy Oxytocin direct

For the men out there, did you know that if you do more housework you generally get more sex? This is the result of a recent study. Why not try the theory and see if it proves true. Even if it doesn’t get you the desired outcome, it is sure to earn you some extra brownie points.

Strengthen your relationship by having plenty of intimate contact. It releases a bonding hormone called oxytocin helping you to stay together and weather the storms that all couples face.

Don’t let stereotypes ruin your relationship. Your wife may hate shopping and you may remember every birthday or special occasion. Just because the books say men are useless at remembering dates and women love to burn holes in credit cards doesn’t mean it applies to you and your other half.

Remember all the reasons why you got together in the first place. Her smile, his ability to make you laugh. Remembering the fun times and the initial spark will help you to deepen the existing bonds between you. Shared memories, mutual trust and respect and having fun together are all ingredients of a great relationship. Women will agree with that, I’m sure of it!

Breastfeeding 101: Find The Perfect Breast Pump For You

Breastfeeding 101: Find The Perfect Breast Pump For You

Breast feeding is said to be the best nutritional choice for feeding your new newborn baby, but it also has proven health benefits for moms as well. You can lose that pregnancy weight quicker by breastfeeding because it burns extra calories and lowers your body fat content – without exercise! Breastfeeding also releases a hormone called oxytocin which will cause your uterus to contract and return to its normal size more rapidly. It reduces the amount of postpartum bleeding and also improves the storage of minerals in your bones which lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Breast feeding can also help in preventing ovarian and breast cancers. And of course, it’s a wonderful way to bond with your new baby.

What does it feel like to have low oestrogen? Hot flashes and missed periods are two of the most common symptoms of oestrogen deficiency. It’s also possible that other conditions, such as thyroid issues may be to blame for the same symptoms. A blood test may be used by a doctor to determine the cause of low oestrogen. Buy Oxytocin direct

So if you are a new mom, or mom-to-be who has chosen breast feeding instead of the prepared formula method, you are probably interested in using a breast pump. Breast pumps are especially great for moms who work outside the home or who can’t be available at every feeding time for their newborn. They come in several designs and the two options for usage are either manual or electric.

As in most situations, there are pros and cons each method. Following are some details on these two types of breast pumps to help you make an informed decision and prepare before you buy – or rent.

Manual pumps are preferred by lots of new moms who say that they appreciate the convenient size. They are simple to use because you control the suction manually. Hand pumps are also more affordable, lighter and quieter than electric pumps, and many new mothers say it is a more natural feeling – closer to how it feels when the baby is feeding directly from your breast.

For busier and working moms, an electric pump might be a better choice than the manual kind because they are much faster at pumping and some models even have the option to pump both breasts at the same time.

Breast pumps are widely available for purchase and you might also like to know that many hospitals offer the option of renting a top-of-line model directly from them. You’ll have to estimate the cost per day in comparison to the price you would pay if you purchased your own though to make sure that it will work out for you financially.

Being a new mom can have its share of challenges, so be nice to yourself and look for a breast pump that best suits your lifestyle. By comparison shopping online or polling some moms who have been though the experience, you’ll save yourself both time and effort that you’ll be able to share instead with your new bundle of joy.

The Pathology of Love

The Pathology of Love

Recent studies buttress the unpalatable truth that falling in love is, in some ways, indistinguishable from a severe pathology. Behavior changes are reminiscent of psychosis and, biochemically speaking, passionate love closely imitates substance abuse. Appearing in the BBC series Body Hits on December 4, Dr. John Marsden, the head of the British National Addiction Center, said that love is addictive, akin to cocaine and speed. Sex is a “booby trap”, intended to bind the partners long enough to bond.

Using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), Andreas Bartels and Semir Zeki of University College in London showed that the same areas of the brain are active when abusing drugs and when in love. The prefrontal cortex – hyperactive in depressed patients – is inactive when besotted. How can this be reconciled with the low levels of serotonin that are the telltale sign of both depression and infatuation – is not known.

The initial drive – lust – is brought on by surges of sex hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. These induce an indiscriminate scramble for physical gratification. Attraction transpires once a more-or-less appropriate object is found (with the right body language and speed and tone of voice) and is tied to a panoply of sleep and eating disorders.

A recent study in the University of Chicago demonstrated that testosterone levels shoot up by one third even during a casual chat with a female stranger. The stronger the hormonal reaction, the more marked the changes in behavior, concluded the authors. This loop may be part of a larger “mating response”. In animals, testosterone provokes aggression and recklessness. The hormone’s readings in married men and fathers are markedly lower than in single males still “playing the field”.

Are carbetocin and oxytocin the same thing? An analogue of oxytocin, carbetocin, has a longer half-life and greater biological effect than oxytocin. For those in resource-constrained environments, it is more heat-resistant than oxytocin. There were studies comparing carbetocin and oxytocin. Buy Oxytocin direct

Helen Fisher of Rutger University suggests a three-phased model of falling in love. Each stage involves a distinct set of chemicals. The BBC summed it up succinctly and sensationally: “Events occurring in the brain when we are in love have similarities with mental illness”.

Moreover, we are attracted to people with the same genetic makeup and smell (pheromones) of our parents. Dr Martha McClintock of the University of Chicago studied feminine attraction to sweaty T-shirts formerly worn by males. The closer the smell resembled her father’s, the more attracted and aroused the woman became. Falling in love is, therefore, an exercise in proxy incest and a vindication of Freud’s much-maligned Oedipus and Electra complexes.

Writing in the February 2004 issue of the journal NeuroImage, Andreas Bartels of University College London’s Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience described identical reactions in the brains of young mothers looking at their babies and in the brains of people looking at their lovers.

“Both romantic and maternal love are highly rewarding experiences that are linked to the perpetuation of the species, and consequently have a closely linked biological function of crucial evolutionary importance” – he told Reuters.

This incestuous backdrop of love was further demonstrated by psychologist David Perrett of the University of St Andrews in Scotland. The subjects in his experiments preferred their own faces – in other words, the composite of their two parents – when computer-morphed into the opposite sex.

Contrary to prevailing misconceptions, love is mostly about negative emotions. As Professor Arthur Aron from State University of New York at Stonybrook has shown, in the first few meetings, people misinterpret certain physical cues and feelings – notably fear and thrill – as (falling in) love. Thus, counterintuitively, anxious people – especially those with the “serotonin transporter” gene – are more sexually active (i.e., fall in love more often).

Obsessive thoughts regarding the Loved One and compulsive acts are also common. Perception is distorted as is cognition. “Love is blind” and the lover easily fails the reality test. Falling in love involves the enhanced secretion of b-Phenylethylamine (PEA, or the “love chemical”) in the first 2 to 4 years of the relationship.

This natural drug creates an euphoric high and helps obscure the failings and shortcomings of the potential mate. Such oblivion – perceiving only the spouse’s good sides while discarding her bad ones – is a pathology akin to the primitive psychological defense mechanism known as “splitting”. Narcissists – patients suffering from the Narcissistic Personality Disorder – also Idealize romantic or intimate partners. A similar cognitive-emotional impairment is common in many mental health conditions.

The activity of a host of neurotransmitters – such as Dopamine, Adrenaline (Norepinephrine), and Serotonin – is heightened (or in the case of Serotonin, lowered) in both paramours. Yet, such irregularities are also associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression.

It is telling that once attachment is formed and infatuation gives way to a more stable and less exuberant relationship, the levels of these substances return to normal. They are replaced by two hormones (endorphins) which usually play a part in social interactions (including bonding and sex) – Oxytocin (the “cuddling chemical”) and Vasopressin. Oxytocin facilitates bonding. It is released in the mother during breastfeeding, in the members of the couple when they spend time together – and when they sexually climax.

Love, in all its phases and manifestations, is an addiction, probably to the various forms of internally secreted norepinephrine, such as the aforementioned amphetamine-like PEA. Love, in other words, is a form of substance abuse. The withdrawal of romantic love has serious mental health repercussions.

A study conducted by Dr. Kenneth Kendler, professor of psychiatry and director of the Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics, and others, and published in the September issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, revealed that breakups often lead to depression and anxiety.

Still, love cannot be reduced to its biochemical and electrical components. Love is not tantamount to our bodily processes – rather, it is the way we experience them. Love is how we interpret these flows and ebbs of compounds using a higher-level language. In other words, love is pure poetry.

Learn the Six Secrets of Chemical Romance

Learn the Six Secrets of Chemical Romance

What is Chemical Romance? It’s a scientific approach to seduction that reveals how to unleash the natural chemicals in the body. Have you ever felt an instant connection with someone you just met? Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

If yes, then you have experienced the powerful effects of chemical romance. When you are in a heightened state of arousal your body releases powerful chemicals that produce a state of euphoria.

The three most potent chemicals produced are oxytocin, it makes you feel intense desire for the person you’re with. Phenylethylamine, gives you a sense of total satisfaction and endorphins produces feelings of heightened pleasure.

Does oxytocin nasal spray have any effects? Nasal spray of oxytocin Medical researchers frequently use nasal sprays to study the effects of oxytocin on the brain because it travels faster from the bloodstream to the brain via nasal spray than through injection. Buy Oxytocin direct

Here are the six secrets to chemical romance—now is the time to unleash the sensuality of your lover.
Secret One: Use sensual scents—fill the room with the sweet smell of your lover’s favorite fragrance. Appealing to your lover’s sense of smell is a sure-fire way of stimulating the chemicals of romance.
Secret Two: Use erotic foods like chocolate that appeals to your lover’s sense of taste. Chocolate has an ingredient that releases endorphins in the brain causing a sense of pure pleasure. Feeding your lover pieces of chocolate is a powerful way of getting those chemicals flowing.
Secret Three: Use seductive lighting, appeal to your lover’s sense of sight. A romantic experience is greatly enhanced with the right lighting. A candlelit room or a room with the lights down-low conveys a warmth and softness that is perfect for romance.
Secret Four: Use romantic music, appeal to your lover’s sense of hearing. Cuddle with soft music playing in the background. Playing your lover’s favorite love song will greatly enhance the romantic mood.
Secret Five: Intimate conversation is vital to chemical romance. Stimulate your lover with mental imagery. Whisper words of love between sensual kisses. This is a powerful way to instantly set romantic feelings ablaze.
Secret Six: Use silk fabrics, appeal to your lover’s sense of touch. Moments of passion are enhanced by the feel of silk sheets caressing your skin—the erotic sensations are almost orgasmic.
The six secrets to unleashing the chemicals of romance is a powerful approach that when used correctly, can ignite the flames of intense passion and desire in your lover.

Can Motherhood Make You Smarter?

Can Motherhood Make You Smarter?

It was not too long ago that the I.Q. test was a routinely administered exercise in elementary and secondary schools. At that time (late seventies and early eighties), schools placed great faith in these magic numbers. Flag those above 125 and those below 90, teachers were told. And we did, dutifully assigning enrichment or remedial programs accordingly.
Those were the years when we worked within a narrow understanding of the brain’s potential. Content dictated everything from test scores to curriculum because the model of the brain we worked from defined intelligence as an innate capacity determined mainly by genetics. If the environment had some impact on intelligence, it did so in a minor capacity. You were either smart or you weren’t; and the label the test scores assigned each student was considered unimpeachable.

Thanks to a body of new research that surfaced within the last 30 years, school systems have dispensed with using the I.Q. test as mandatory assessment of a child’s potential. This new research reveals that the brain, like the cells in our body, is malleable and changeable. Intelligence is not an inborn, determined number or capacity; in fact, intelligence is created by the brain’s response to events in the environment.

Is nasal oxytocin safe to use? As a result of the research, it can be concluded that intranasal oxytocin at doses of 18-40 IU for short-term use in controlled research settings has no detectable subjective effects on recipients, no reliable side effects, and no adverse outcomes. Buy Oxytocin direct

In short, you MAKE your intelligence. New experiences create new neural pathways in the brain. Each time the brain confronts a new event, it responds by creating new synaptic connections; in fact, all thinking processes are such connections and the more synapses are formed, the stronger and more capable the brain is rewired to metabolize new information.
Even an experience like pregnancy can rewire the brain and make it more intelligent. In contrast to the long held myth that pregnant women and young mothers lost not only their identities but their intelligence, new research suggests otherwise. In one study, a group of pregnant women were asked to assess their mental acuity in areas such as focus and memory. A significant number of these women identified themselves as “weaker” in these areas even though tests performed on their mental ability showed the reverse.
Why would these women see themselves as “weaker” when in fact they were not? Researchers suggest that most women have internalized the myth that being pregnant, staying home with the kids (being barefoot and pregnant) decrease mental and intellectual strength.

In her book, “The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood makes us Smarter” (2005), Katherine Ellison, who delayed motherhood until she turned 37, for fear that her intellectual life would be doomed by pregnancy, examines the changes that maternity brings to the brain. Her book explodes the myth that the maternal brain is a fuzzy one. Ellison presents several new research studies that have gone against the long-held belief that professional women act against their own intellectual interests by staying home with the kids.
Neuroscientists have found that during pregnancy, rats experienced a tremendous sprouting of new dendritic spines—the parts of neurons that reach out to form synapses. They found that soon after birth, female rats’ cognitive ability intensifies so much that nursing mother rats can locate and catch prey 3 times as quickly as virgin rats. In essence, neural pathways in the brains of mother rats have been remapped and rewired by the experience of pregnancy and motherhood.

The increased production of estrogen in the pregnant rat also has a pronounced effect on its brain. Estrogen has been shown to increase a mother’s ability to multi-task, an ability that is bolstered as well by the realities of child-care. Multi-tasking allows a woman to identify with several key roles and tasks so that she can function much more effectively within a particular frame of time; in effect, multitasking gives her greater flexibility in accommodating the needs of her social network.

The increased production of oxytocin and prolactin—two hormones that literally bathe the maternal brain—also helps to foster a relaxed intensity, promoting new neural pathways in the brain as mothers cope with the birth and nurture of each new child. In fact, oxytocin, released during pregnancy, labor and breast-feeding, is not just a maternal hormone; it is a neurotransmitter that has been linked with the abilitity to build trust and learn in lab animals.

The presence of babies and the demands placed on the mothers have a profound influence on the development of the maternal brains; learning to identify the needs of her young, absorbing information provided by their new babies, mothers have in effect immersed themselves in a new language and environment. This new learning leading to increased performance and efficiency can extend to other areas in life, including the workplace.

Even fathers and other caregivers can experience changes in the brain through involvement with childcare. Studies have shown that fathers and surrogate caregivers experience similar but smaller biochemical changes in the brain, specifically in prolactin and estrogen levels so well-documented in pregnant women.
The clashes between motherhood and intelligence, motherhood and professionalism seem an artificial construct that has prevented women from developing to their fullest potential. As women, we need to be comfortable enough with our own biology to accept it as an avenue towards personal and professional growth. We also need to purge ourselves of the view that we are limited in what we can do. Our brains are expansive and can accommodate much more than we think they can. Our bodies can do much more than we allow them to do. The limitation is not in what we have been given, but in what we are willing to make of that which we have been blessed.